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Resources recommended by Bay Area Moms - Circle Recap

Updated: Feb 20

Last Wednesday we had another wonderful circle of mamas gathered at Las Palmas Park for Mom’s Circle. Thank you all for coming and making this a special Valentine’s edition with chocolate, the presence of a very special baby boy who just turned one and some real good talking, including recommended resources and even some taboo topics such as pregnancy and sex drive.

Here’s a list of resources we shared:

Supporting Mamas

Information and support for families experiencing perinatal depression or anxiety in the south Bay Area.

IG @supporting mamas

Las Madres

Neighborhood Playgroups

IG @lasmadres

Blossom Birth and Family

Support Groups:

  • Postpartum Moods and Challenges

  • Breastfeeding Connections

IG @blossombirthandfamily

Mama Satsanga

IG @mamasatsanga

A community for moms with online* and in-person meetings. Let’s talk all things motherhood and beyond! Learn more about it here.

Next meetings:

Online via Zoom:

Thursday, February 23rd anytime between 7:30 - 9pm. (Note: this is a private group - please send me a message for the invitation: or sign up here.)

In-person in Sunnyvale:

Tuesday, March 20th at 11am - 1pm at Washington Park (bring your lunch!)

Noon and Sunset Yoga @ Las Palmas Park

Regular Hatha Yoga classes (no babies or kids - just you…aaaahh... 😌)


  • March 7th at 5:30pm - Sign up here

  • March 9th at 12pm - Sign up here

First class is free! Message me for more info 🙂

Vegan Treat

Strawberries and Dates - so simple! So delicious!! 😋 🤤

I learned this with my sister @vivitoschi - obrigada, amor!


All by Sandra Boyton. I brought ‘Doogies’ because it’s an easy one for the littlest.

Look Inside - Things that Go by Usborne

Many, many flaps!

The kissing hand

Great to prepare for being away in daycare, preschool or perhaps when they feel anxious about a loved one going on a trip.

Officer Buckle and Gloria

A lovely and funny story about friendship.

Cute little things you asked me about:

  • Bento Box and round golden plate: target

  • Flower dipping bowl: Urban Outfitters

This circle is offered for free through Blossom Birth and Family, a non-profit in the Bay Area who provides support, education and resources to new and expectant families.

Our next circle will be held on March 15th at 2:30 pm at Las Palmas Park.

Sign up for free or drop in.

See you there!

Thank you!

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