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Artist's Bio

Helena is a visual artist and teacher currently living in the Bay Area with her husband and two children. Her work ranges from conceptual art to portraits and might take the shape of a large mural or a postcard. 


Helena started making art at an early age, motivated by an intense curiosity about the world and its shapes, colors and textures as well as her own intricate inner world. During her teenage years, while taking art and photography classes, she found passions in different areas of visual arts which led her to explore Digital Design school. 


Although a lot of her primary skills in art were developed greatly during the first years of college, she found the ‘digital’ aspect of the process lacked spirit. Simultaneously, she started playing gouache and watercolors, which with its elusive and emotion-filled process brought her back to her younger years of practicing art. It was pure joy. From then on, Helena never stopped painting, teaching and expanding her skills and experiences as an artist.


Life has taken her on different career paths, but art has never left. Today she is a full time artist taking commissions that range from small watercolors to full acrylic wall murals and live painting events.

Helena in front of full wall mural (top) painted live during an event for wellness center Kirom, in Sao Paulo, Brazil. (below)
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