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Resources recommended by Bay Area Mamas

Updated: Feb 18, 2023

These were the resources mentioned during our first 2023 Mom's Circle with Blossom on January 18th:

Blossom Birth and Family


Throughout all your parenting journey, Blossom will support you! Education, yoga, support all in one place. Blossom is awesome!

La Petit Baleen


Swimming lessons for the little ones 🐳

Las Madres

@lasmadresplaygroups for more mom support and playgroups 🤗

Fit for Mom Sunnyvale

@fit4momsunnyvale for more community and connection with your body 👭👭

Mention my name for 1 week free! (valid only for Sunnyvale/Mountain View Fit4Mom).

Cupertino Library

The Cupertino Library has a ‘dancing with baby session and other libraries have free offers like story time. Confirm with Library before - I could only find past events online.

Kaiser Permanente

It's nice when we hear that a mom had a good postpartum support experience with their hospital.

@kpthrive helped one of our moms through some breastfeeding challenges.

Thank you all for sharing!

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