Hatha Yoga 

Thursdays at 6pm @ Las Palmas Park

A gentle practice based on traditional classic Hatha Yoga postures (asanas) and breath work (pranayamas) with the intention of preparing for meditation. Most of all it is a practice intended to calm the fluctuations of the mind with the aid the body.

What you can you expect from this class:

  • All practices will include stretches and preparatory exercises, yoga postures and the exploration of different breathing and meditation techniques.

  • One of the main goals is to promote body awareness, connection to your breath and cultivating attention to our thoughts and emotions. 

  •  Expect a slower paced with an emphasis on slightly longer holds, pauses – using the body as a tool to feel every fiber of the here and now.

  • There is no need for prior experience with yoga to take this class.


Meeting spot at Las Palmas Park

This the side street where our location is close to: Hyde Park Dr.

There is usually plenty of street parking, but feel free to park at any of the two parking lots in the park, they are both within is a short walk from our meeting spot. 

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