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Nature bursts with inspiration. It makes me want to mix colors, and experiment with paint and organic shapes.I believe everyone can learn and benefit from artistic self-expression. 

Growing up surrounded by paintbrushes, canvases, and art books, I now often see art everywhere. The veins of a leaf. A stroke of magenta in the sky at dusk. My son’s spilled bowl of fruit. I’m passionate about creating art. Looking at art. Sharing art. Learning about art. Watching artists make art. And noticing what we feel in the process.  

I have a background in graphic design and have worked as a visual and instructional designer for over fifteen years. My workshops are an invitation to experiment with different tools, techniques, media, and ideas. I believe making art opens space within us, a tiny broom for the soul. With that space comes the ability to express something that only comes out gently, slowly. But when you feel it you’ll wonder how you’ve been ignoring it for so long. 

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