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I live in Sunnyvale, California with my husband and two kids. Family, community, art, gardening, yoga and warm bread & coffee are some of my favorite parts of life.

My journey with Yoga started in 2001 as a student. In 2016 I became a teacher, having earned my certification from IEPY and The Kaivalyadhama Institute. My practice is focused on calming the mind through postures, breathing techniques and meditation. But whether it be through yoga, art, or buying groceries, my real goal is to connect authentically with my fellow human beings.

I have been teaching different subject matters from English as a second language to design for over 20 years now. Everything I give my students they give me back tenfold. The relationship between a teacher and a student is based on mutual learning and trust, which brings me great fulfillment and gratification. It's a process that fills everyone’s well.

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